Survey on Credit Conditions

The Survey on Credit Conditions (Encuesta de Condiciones Crediticias, ECC) is a quarterly survey that aims to gather additional information on the performance and trends observed in the banking credit market. The qualitative information gained complements the quantitative data sets more readily available to the BCRA, aimed at achieving a better understanding of the factors that influence the evolution of loans granted by the financial system.

The information obtained from the ECC is an important input that the BCRA uses when monitoring financial stability conditions. It is also useful when preparing and evaluating monetary and financial policy. Moreover, the publication of the ECC results contributes to the BCRA’s communication transparency policy, while making available to the public valuable information to take informed decisions.

The ECC is aimed at the heads of the credit area of the relatively larger financial institutions that make up the local market. The participation of financial institutions is voluntary. These institutions as a whole represent approximately 90% of the private sector credit market. Efforts have been made to keep fair representation of institutions surveyed in the different credit segments analyzed. The data collected in the ECC is published on an aggregate basis, ensuring the confidentiality of the answers provided by each participating financial institution.


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