Statistical Bulletin

This bulletin compiles and publishes statistical series of the main monetary and financial variables of Argentina.

In this monthly report, users may access the last updated version of the series in Microsoft Excel.

The format and the content of the Statistical Bulletin have changed over the years: initially, it was published in paper; then the electronic format was added, which contained the same tables as the paper version in pdf format.

As from March 2022, an abridged version of the Statistical Bulletin will be published in pdf format, including links so that users have access to the last updated version of the series in Excel format. The content of this report includes all the monetary and financial statistical series available. These improvements do not affect the scope, periodicity or publication schedule of the monetary and financial statistics.

Between January 1939 and April 1946 this summary was called Revista Económica (Economic Journal) or Suplemento Estadístico de la Revista Económica (Statistical Supplement of the Economic Journal). Since May 1946 it has been published with the name Statistical Bulletin. Up to December 1990, its content included the evolution of the main economic variables (public debt and national accounts, among others), in addition to monetary and financial variables, which have been the specific subject of the bulletin since June 1993.