Supplier Portal

The BCRA Supplier Portal is the system through which the BCRA informs about and manages the procurement processes for goods and services.

Anyone interested in making bids can register on the BCRA’s website, where they can also read instructions, regulations and the Procurement Rules; search for current purchase processes and pre-tender meetings posted in “File Query” (“Consulta de Expedientes”)—from which terms and conditions, and related documents can be downloaded—; and submit electronic bids (where appropriate).

Bidders may also check their status, registration term, and whether they are qualified for procurement.

How can I register as a Procurement supplier of the BCRA? Fill in the required information in “Instructions” (“Instructivos”) and follow the steps in “Register as a Bidder” (“Registrar como Oferente”).

To complete your registration, send the appropriate forms (for natural or legal persons) to and attach the documents requested.

How can I register as a Settlements and Payments supplier of the BCRA?

This lets you be a supplier of the BCRA under the specific procurement schemes for Communications and Community Relations, Human Resources, and Settlements and Payments, but you will not be able to bid under the General Procurement Rules.

How do I complete the registration process?

You will get an email with a username and password to access your dedicated space in the portal.

What transactions can I make?

Depending on the type of supplier you have registered as, you can do the following:

Procurement supplier:

  • Receive invitations for tenders.
  • Show your interest in tenders.
  • Submit an electronic bid (where available).
  • Follow up your tenders.
  • Create new users within your dedicated space.
  • Update contact details.
  • Add or remove purchase categories for which you are making bids.
  • Check and download your purchase orders.
  • Follow up purchase orders.
  • Check and download your payment orders and tax withholdings.Consultar y descargar tus órdenes de pago y retenciones impositivas

Settlements and Payments supplier

  • Check and download your purchase orders.
  • Follow up purchase orders.
  • Check and download your payment orders and tax withholdings. To receive payments, you must also email attaching evidence of your single banking code (clave bancaria uniforme, CBU), and indicating your taxpayer identification number (clave única de identificación tributaria, CUIT) and your company’s name in the subject.

Are you already a supplier?

If you are already a supplier and do not know your username, you may ask for it at You may restore your password by clicking on “Forgot my password” (“He olvidado mi contraseña”)..

For information on Procurement, write to

For information on Settlements and Payments, write to

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