Transparency Regime

The purpose of the Transparency Regime, chapter I, is to provide financial service users with any necessary information so that they may arrive at the right decision about the most convenient bank.

The BCRA’s Reporting Regime enables users to access daily updated information reported by banks, under sworn statement, any time they make changes to the interest rates, characteristics or conditions of any of their financial products on the date they are implemented. Financial institutions are exclusively responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. The Central Bank does not ensure the accuracy, truthfulness or update of the information posted. Neither is it responsible for potential inaccuracies beyond its control or any changes in data brought about by human error or mechanical trouble beyond the Central Bank's will.

Anyone can make reference to this information provided they acknowledge the source and download date. Also, when providing any information on a certain product, they shall state whether such data corresponds to some or all reporting institutions.

The database will be updated at 11 am and 7 pm on every business day

Mortgage-backed Loans for Housing (.csv)

Personal Loans (.csv)

Pledge-backed Loans (.csv)

Time Deposits (.csv)

Packages of Products (.csv)

Credit Cards (.csv)

Savings Accounts (.csv)