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Young Professionals’ Program

May 31, 2019. The BCRA has launched a new edition of the Young Professionals’ Program. This time, the Bank will employ 30 graduates or advanced students in different courses of study as part of a strategy designed to develop and renew the professional skills of the bank’s team.

In November 2015, the BCRA's staff climbed to 2,806 employees, the highest number since its creation. Since then, this figure dropped to 2,440 employees by following a sensible employment policy in line with the bank’s regulations that support transparency, competition and fairness. That is, it declined 12.8%. Applicants are required to be university students with a minimum of 80% of the courses approved or to have graduated after June 30, 2016.

Applications can be submitted until June 21, 2019 by e-mail to the corresponding address, attaching their CVs and academic transcripts with mark average. Applicants should be students or graduates in the following courses of study:


  • Preferably with skills in database, and econometrics and statistics software management.
  • Quant-oriented profile.
  • Intermediate level of English language.
  • Flexible timetable.
  • The test will be based on open economy macroeconomics, monetary policy, monetary economy, fiscal policy and public debt, financial markets and banking microeconomics, basic concepts of financial calculations, statistics and econometrics.
  • Apply at cvempleos100@bcra.gob.ar


  • Database-oriented IT infrastructure
  • Microsoft .Net platform applications’ development
  • Information security
  • Systems auditing
  • Intermediate level of English language.
  • The test will be based on six modules that applicants can choose according to their specialty interest: IT infrastructure, applications’ development, information security and systems auditing. In addition, there will be two modules for all applicants on logics and reading comprehension in English.
  • Apply at cvempleos200@bcra.gob.ar


  • Intermediate level of Excel broadsheet. Preferably with skills in database and auditing software management.
  • Intermediate level of English language.
  • Availability to travel to the interior of the country (preferably)
  • The test will be based on corporate governance principles, internal control and risks, Law on Financial Institutions, BCRA's Charter, traditional banking services and transactions, interpretation of balance sheet data and companies and banks’ indicators, basic financial calculations, domestic financial regulations and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)
  • Apply at cvempleos300@bcra.gob.ar


  • AutoCAD skills and advanced level of Excel broadsheet.
  • Availability to travel to the interior of the country occasionally.
  • The test will be based on building infrastructure.
  • Apply at cvempleos400@bcra.gob.ar


  • Skills in 3D modeling software and advanced level of AutoCAD.
  • Flexible timetable.
  • The test will be based on general knowledge of this profession.
  • Apply at cvempleos500@bcra.gob.ar


  • Experience in digital tools management, audiovisual design projects, contents design and social networks.
  • Intermediate level of English language.
  • Flexible timetable.
  • The test will be based on writing and multimedia abilities. Applicants will be given a speech delivered by a BCRA authority for them to write a press release and develop a digital production. Likewise, the test will assess applicants' general knowledge regarding public agenda and current affairs.
  • Apply at cvempleos600@bcra.gob.ar


  • Preferably with knowledge of bank security regulation.
  • Availability to travel to the interior of the country.
  • The test will be based on the current regulatory framework for security in financial institutions and cash-in-transit.
  • Apply at cvempleos700@bcra.gob.ar


  • The test will assess applicants' ability to develop and manage processes and projects.
  • Intermediate level of English language.
  • The test will be based on mathematics, economy, finance, logics and a practical case of design and optimization processes.
  • Apply at cvempleos800@bcra.gob.ar

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