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Financial Inclusion Event

Financial Inclusion Event

June 24, 2019. The event “Innovative Policies and Regulations of Digital Financial Services for Financial Inclusion” is organized by the Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) and the BCRA. It brings together financial regulators and stakeholders from Latin America and the Caribbean who are working closely together on initiatives that promote financial inclusion using digital channels. The event began today and will continue until June 26 in the Bosch room at the BCRA.

Nicolás Gadano, General Manager, participated in the opening session, and stated that: “One of the core objectives of the BCRA is to promote financial inclusion, improve access to and use of financial services, transactions, payments, savings and credit at a reasonable cost, in a safe and sustainable way for suppliers”. He also added that the BCRA has become a catalyst for innovation: “We have established an innovation center within the BCRA, a financial innovation round table that gathers the expertise of our specialists and that of banks, fintech companies, and other State regulators from the insurance and tax sectors, as well as different players from the private sector and the public at large. All working together at the same round table. This space has proven to be a source of ideas, and new and highly positive initiatives for the sector. The results are promising”.

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) is a global network of central banks, banking supervisors and other public policymakers in over 60 developing nations. AFI provides its members with tools and resources to share, develop and implement their knowledge in relation to successful financial inclusion strategies.


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